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Attitude Is A Choice

In life, attitude is everything. You have a choice in how to react or perceive every situation. You can choose to be hopeful, optimistic, enthusiastic even when outside factors or circumstances do not warrant such. With the power of right attitude and perspective you can change those factors to be of great benefit to you.

Everything Happens For A Reason

Every step you take, whether it leads to success or failure, helps to reveal your particular path. Even if that way leads to failure, it is still an important piece in the overall scheme of your life. Do not bemoan the unfairness of it all – instead let it set the stage for your biggest […]

Risk More

Life is difficult and magnificent at the same time. You can’t appreciate the victories without experiencing defeat. And this takes risk. If you choose your comfort zone over risking more then you’ll never know life’s true richness. Remaining in your comfort zone by avoiding the messiness and discomfort of life, and refusing to step up […]

Be Kind, Always

Situations in life will constantly tempt you to be rude, angry and mean. Each time those temptations come, you can view it as an opportunity to grow in kindness and compassion. There may very well be people who by virtue of their actions do not deserve your kindness. But that’s no reason to deny your […]